Scandinavian Open CW Activity

Result 2021

Most active in SOCWA 2021 was SM6CWK with 2150 QSO folowed by OH2EUZ with 2061 QSO!

Winners in the lottery:

SM6PNZIcom IC-705
SM7BNGGift card 1000kr
SM6CWKDiamond VX-30

Winner in SCAG lottery:

SM0VNZBegali Classic Gold
Never ever send faster than the station at the other end!

SOCWA is a project aimed to consolidate Morse code skills among amateur radio operators and to increase CW activity on the ham radio bands.

Encourage other ham radio operators to go CW in their own speed. Help them to increase their CW skills and experiences. Send at a moderate speed that does not discourage others from participating.

Pos  Call  QSO   
1    SM5CVJ 1392   
2    SM4NSS 1292   
3    SM7OVA 859   
4    SM5TA 774   
5    SM5BTS 770   
6    SM4SEF 767   
7    SM5FMQ 717   
8    SM5COP 715   
9    DJ6UX 709   
10    SM6AZZ 548   
11    OH3KRB 498   
12    OH3LS 494   
13    LB6BG 481   
-    OH3HHO 481   
15    SA0BBO 404   
16    SM0HCI 401   
17    SM7BUA 377   
18    SM5EIE 374   
19    SA0BFW 340   
20    N9EN 314   

Rules in finnish language: Pohjoismaiden cw-awardi SOCWA
36 Qso´s today and 32 yesterday. 9649 QSOs total.
QSO-time: 3099 hours, 3 minutes. Average qso: 19 minutes.
More statistics:

New lottery for the year 2022!

Also this year (2022) a lottery is arranged, this time it is the Scandinavian CW Activity Group, SCAG that offers all participants in SOCWA the chance to win a nice telegraph key. A Begali Sparc key A Begali Sparc key will be raffled off. Maximum one lottery share per participant, minimum number qso 52! Read more under Lottery - Lottery SCAG
This also applies to you who live outside Scandinavia!

Limmared Radio & Data AB
All hams registerd in SOCWA has the possibility to buy a SOCWA patch 85x65 mm. Attach it to the t-hirt,jacket,hat,etc.

Prize: 8 US or 6 Eu. plus postage.
Order by email from SM7BUA Mats. Pay via PayPal


Welcome to SOCWA!

Scandinavian Open CW Activity - CQ SAX

73 de SM6KYP


The Oland Amateur Radio Society, SK7RN and the Scandinavian CW Activity Group (SCAG) are pleased to announce a stimulating CW activity (on all the HF Bands) for Scandinavian amateur radio operators for Calendar year 2013.

SOCWA involves CW (Continuous Wave) contact by and between amateur radio operators in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. (Prefixes OY, JW, JX, OH0 and OJ0 also count as Scandinavian countries.)

A Scandinavian amateur radio operator is:
1) an individual who holds a valid permit or license issued by one of the above listed countries, or
2) an individual whose original license was issued by any one of the aforementioned countries.

Radio amateurs from other countries outside of Scandinavia who register are welcome to participate in the SOCWA, but in order to qualify for a Completion Certificate; each qualified two-way CW contact must include an amateur operator from one of the listed Scandinavian countries.

The SOCWA program will be in effect for Calendar Year 2015 (01-Jan-2015 through 31-Dec-2015) in order to maximize the total amount of qualified two-way QSOs.

Recommended frequencies (khz): 1835-1840, 3535-3540, 7035-7040, 10125-10130, 14035-14040, 18085-18090, 21035-21040, 24905-24910, 28035-28040

[Rules] [Demo Award]

SOCWA now on CQ-Magazine # 1 - 2013 [Read]